Motion Pro Tools Getting Some Heavy Use At The Accelerated Technologies Shop In Preparation For The Canadian Superbike Championship

Bike Building - Part I

Honda CBR1000RR SP and CBR600RR equipment prepared at Accelerated Technologies

John Sharrard, Wes Lake and the team at Accelerated Technologies have been busy preparing motorcycles for Jodi's 2015 campaign. The bikes have been in the shop for a couple of months now and there has been a steady stream of aftermarket parts arriving from around the world. We thought we'd share some images from the build as things come together, and highlight some of the team's sponsors this year. You can also see updates as the bikes are prepared by following the Accelerated Technologies Facebook page

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The superbikes begin life looking like this. The SP version of the Honda CBR1000RR features upgrades like Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes and some hand-picked engine internals, and has beautiful Repsol graphics.

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Right away the bikes are torn down almost to the bare frames. The two SP models are in the background, while the two CBR600RRs for the Pro Sport Bike class are in the foreground.


All the engines are disassembled almost completely, with some parts replaced with HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) kit parts and some with aftermarket components.


The pistons and connecting rods on the SP are hand-picked at the factory for optimum balance. The team uses the stock connecting rods but the pistons are replaced with CP-Carillo units provided by Orient Express.

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Here John is measuring the volume of the combustion chamber to calculate compression ratio for the new pistons, by using a plexiglass plate and filling the chamber with oil. The heads are then off to Rob Egan at Brooklin Cycle for machining.

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The ports in the cylinder heads are cleaned up, then everything is put back together. The team uses stock valves; previously HRC camshafts have been used, but in the search for more power this year, Web camshafts provided by Orient Express are being used.

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Bazzaz has provided its stellar Z-Fi TC package for each bike, which includes a piggyback fuel controller with traction control, quickshifter and self mapping features. The handlebar dial on the left lets Jodi add or take away traction control, while the switch lets him choose between two fueling and traction control maps. In Canada, Bazzaz components are available through another sponsor of the team, Motovan. Woodcraft clip-on handlebars have replaceable bars that can be easily swapped out in a crash.

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On the chassis side, the forks' internals are replaced with K-Tech DDS pressurized cartridges, provided by Orient Express.

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The stock shocks - yes, even the Ohlins TTX units on the SPs - are replaced with these Elka shocks, which offer high- and low-speed compression damping, rebound damping, ride height and hydraulic preload adjustability.

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The completed engine is installed in the chassis. Here the stock triple clamps have been replaced with Robby Moto Engineering parts, provided by Blue Streak Racing. The bikes are coming together nicely at this point!

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The Hindle exhaust fits perfectly and looks great on the superbike; Hindle has been a long-time supporter of the team and racing in Canada. You can also see in this picture the lightened brake rotor provided by Mikey Moto Racing, the Spiegler brake line provided by Blue Streak Racing, and the new-generation reinforced rear stand provided by Hindle.

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Stock bodywork is replaced with Armour Bodies fiberglass, provided by Woodcraft Technologies and Blue Streak Racing. The aftermarket bodywork is lighter and has fewer fasteners than the stock parts. Here, the bodywork is back from the painter and John Hannah from Adtech Signs is applying the remainder of the graphics using vinyl.