Must Watch Video Of Chris Bach Winning The Tomahawk GNCC!

Check out this must watch video, as JCR/Honda Off-Road racer Chris Bach pins it wide open and fights his way through pelting rock storms, blinding dust clouds, masses of swerving lappers, a never ending maze of blinding trees and some of the fastest racers on the planet to WIN the Tomahawk XC1 GNCC! Special thanks to our friends at GoPro & Rob Mitchell Films for capturing and editing this awesome footage. Link to watch video:

"What an epic weekend this was for myself and my team. The guys have worked so hard, lots of long days and nights have come before this win. Chris Bach was more focused than I have ever seen him. He had to battle through the worst case scenario coming off a bad start 13th place through rock showers, dust and lappers at every turn. He put his head down never doubted and let his talent, the performance of the Honda CRF450R and the team strategy do the work. I was asked by a few people if I was surprised that Chris won. I am not surprised that he won, I was happy but not surprised. I know he is a winner I can see it in him clear as day this kid can flat out win and he proved it. From here we are going to keep pushing, doing what works and getting better each week. I know this will be a confidence booster for our team. We know we can win and I won't be surprised when we do it again." -- Johnny Campbell

Link to watch video: