Pro Fill Air Chuck

The tires on your customer?s motorcycles are really important. That sounds like a silly statement until you think about it a little. Cars and other four wheel vehicles have an inherent stability that a problem with a tire is no big deal. But, on a motorcycle, a problem with one of the tires is a serious deal. It could mean reduced performance, or even bad handling, and in the extreme, a loss of control and a crash.

So, taking good care of the tires on a bike is pretty important. Motion Pro makes several tools, like our premium tire gauges, which make checking and adjusting tire pressures easier and more accurate. Tire pressure has a huge influence on handling, and can also affect the life span of any tire.

But there are a lot of bikes out there that have difficult to access tire valves. Large brake rotors on the front of a sport bike, large fenders or saddlebags on cruisers, these items can make getting to the valve difficult, and make a rider less likely to check tire pressure as often as they should.

Motion Pro has come up with a very handy solution, the Pro Fill Air Chuck. The Pro Fill has a long reach handle and a pivoting head which allow the user to get behind large rotors, or under saddlebags, with ease. The angled pivoting head can be put in any position to work best in any situation. A great example is the brake rotors on a modern sport bike. They are large enough that it is difficult to get in between them, but if your customer is a track day rider or racer, the situation is worsened by the fact that they have to maneuver around HOT rotors! In this case, the Pro Fill Air Chuck allows them to access the air valve on the wheel without getting their hands near a red hot rotor. This is a huge advantage.

The Pro Fill Air Chuck features a ΒΌ? female NPT thread on the opposite end, which fits a number of different connectors, including the hose on all of our tire gauges. Additionally, a Pro Fill chuck can be used with a compressed air system in the garage or shop, so they serve multiple purposes. The Pro Fill Chuck is made from CNC machined billet aluminum, with a steel pivot bolt for extra strength in this critical area. The blue anodizing makes the tool easy to spot, and also features the famous Motion Pro logo laser etched on the handle.

Order some for your parts or service department today, and make sure your customer?s tires get well taken of. The Pro Fill Air Chuck is available through all the major Powersports distributors.

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Pro Fill Air Chuck

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