Stewards of the Sequoia Trail News - January 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR-A Huge VICTORY For Common Sense, Public Access and Recreation

The California State Water Board has proposed a plan which could easily cause the closure of almost all roads and trails in your National Forests. It is called a " Non Point Source Pollution Negative Declaration" and was clearly flying under the radar until uncovered in 2009 by Stewards of the Sequoia.
The State Water Board proposal would require the US Forest Service to get approval from the State Water Board prior to allowing the public to use exiting roads and trails.
Stewards submitted a number of written comments to the Water Board and we contacted other grass roots groups. A coalition was formed headed by CORVA and the legal firm of Gallery & Barton were retained which Stewards helped to pay for.
Two weeks ago the State Water Board voted on the proposal and due to the information and pressure that our coalition brought to bear the proposal did not pass. The public and the recreation community narrowly escaped a deadly bullet. Learn more..........


Keeping Your Public Lands Open

It has been another busy year for Stewards of the Sequoia identifying and neutralizing threats to our trails, and volunteering to help keep your trails open.
I want to thank the hundreds of volunteers who have put their time and energy into keeping our local trails open.  
Working in partnership with the Forest Service and BLM our motorized volunteers have............................


Stewards speaks out at Forest Service Planning Conference

It has been said that those at the meetings rule the world and there is a lot of truth to that. Stewards was invited by the Forest Service to attend another Regional Forest Planning Session in Sacramento in December. We continued to remind the Forest Service that Recreation needs to a priority in Forest Planning, including motorized recreation. Stewards and our partners have been pounding the table on this in meetings and written comments for three years during the Forest Planning Revision Process.


Yet Recreation still has not risen to the same level as other Forest issues............. Well persistence pays off and the dam finally broke at this last meeting. The Forest Service has agreed and we have been able to get a Recreation Representative added to the Forest Stakeholders Advisory Committee, providing Recreation with a true voice at the table.


By being fully engaged Stewards is helping ensure recreation in all forms, including motorized recreation, is a priority for all future Forest Plans. The Sequoia National Forest is about to revise their Forest Plan. We have been laying the ground work to make sure our trails and access remain. Your support funds this kind of proactive work to keep your trails open.


Trail Cat Removed from Kern Canyon Trail

The Forest Service has removed the Traill Cat machine from Kern Canyon trail. Stewards is still gathering letters of concern to formally help convince the Forest land manager that the Trail Cat is not a good tool for single track trail maintenance, since it widens the single track into ATV trail and takes far longer than doing the work by hand.
Please send your Two Minute letter now if you want to keep your single track


Congressman McCarthy Thanks Stewards

Stewards of the Sequoia Executive Director Chris Horgan was invited to testify before the Congressional House Subcommittee last yearto help release 43 Million Acres of Wilderness Study Area back to Multiple Use.. Read Congressman McCarthy's letter of appreciation.

See a video of the testimony at


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Hope to see you on the Trails. Together we can keep our trails open.

Chris Horgan
Executive Director
Stewards of the Sequoia

Lots of people complain about trail closures or reduced access, but far too few do anything to stop it. AMA District 37 Dual Sport walks the walk by donating $2000 last year to help fund Stewards of the Sequoia successful Trail Preservation Program.

Club fundraising like this are incredibly important to fund Stewards efforts to keep your trails open, especially with less than 12% of Stewards members donating last year. Please consider talking to your club about doing a fundraiser this year for Stewards so we can keep working to preserve access to your trails.