Suspension Service

This month's Motion Pro Newsletter is definitely suspension oriented, so we might as well keep the ball rolling and talk about all the other suspension tools we offer and include some suggestions on how to turn suspension service jobs into up-sell opportunities.

Do you offer maintenance specials to your customers as a way to bring customers back into your store and build customer loyalty? If you do, suspension service is a great way to do that. Whether it?s a simple fluid change, new seals, or even a full re-valve job, your customer will feel the difference, and that satisfaction will translate into customer loyalty and repeat sales. In addition, offering suspension work is a great way to increase the cash flow through your service department. Suspension service is an often neglected task, and your customers will be pleasantly surprised with the improved performance they will experience with the plusher, more compliant suspension they get after this service is done. Riders of all types, from dirt to street, can benefit from suspension service on their motorcycles.

Motion Pro has a host of tools that make suspension work easy and fast. A shop that is serious about this type of work will benefit from the brand new Shock Spring Compressor part# 08-0608 and Pivot Suspension Vise part# 08-0628, which make servicing forks and shocks a snap. Fork seal drivers, damper rod tools, and setup tools like the ForkTru™ part# 08-0412 and the Sag Scale II part# 08-0613 all make for a complete suspension tool kit, and will save your techs time and save your shop money. Read about the multitude of benefits provided by the ForkTru™ and Sag Scale II elsewhere in this newsletter. Motion Pro also offer the Deluxe Bearing Tool part# 08-0294 for removing and installing bearings on swingarms and suspension linkage. Motion Pro even offers advanced tools like the Nitrogen Shock Gauge and Filler part# 08-0072, which is critical for rear suspension work, and a service not offered by many shops.

Get a jump on your competition and build a competent suspension service program. Your customers will love you for it.

For an upsell opportunity, show your customers those cool suspension set up tools, the ForkTru™ and Sag Scale II, and explain how important and easy proper suspension setup can be to get the best performance and safety.

For more information on these tools and all other suspension service tools we have available CLICK HERE NOW


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