Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone - Isle Of Man TT and Caferacerxxx - All In One Night!

Brandon Cretu, Brian Nitto and Sasha Valentine

Photographing and Racing the Isle of Man TT  

Plus CafeRacerXXX - all in one night!

Daytona Beach, FL (June 16, 2015) - Talking Motorcycles gets down and dirty tonight with the guys behind the scenes at the Isle of Man TT. The legendary event is historic in nature and is one of the most challenging and dangerous road racing events on the planet.

Brian Nitto of 55 Productions has spent the last 10 years capturing racing images of some of the best riders in the world. He just returned from shooting the Isle of Man TT and declares it an almost life changing experience. The glamor, the excitement, the danger and the professionalism of the event made an indelible mark on Brian and he joins us to discuss everything he learned and experienced on the tiny island.

Brandon Cretu raced the Isle of Man TT for his 7th time. Tonight, you'll hear his perspective about racing at an amazing place and at amazing speeds. Only a racer can offer the perspective Brandon will share tonight on Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone.

Sasha Valentine of CafeRacerXXX is joining us to discuss the fast  growing cafe racer scene. She has worked tirelessly to put together a ride to the Hagerstown, Maryland round of the AMA Pro Grand National Series. Sasha is from the DC area, knows all the great roads and roadside attractions. We are very excited to have this vibrant motorcyclist on the program.