Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone - It's All About Flat Track!

Daytona Beach, FL (July 1, 2015) - AMA Pro Flat Track returns to the DuQuoin Mile for the first time since 2005. This event and the famed Indy Mile are a production of

Leah Burdette from Family Events joins us to discuss the back stories about how and why they chose to bring DuQuoin back to the schedule and we will get the inside scoop on the Indy Mile the following Saturday.

Jake Shoemaker is a Grand National Expert, now GNC1, who rides the factory Triumph Bonneville for the Bonneville Performance Team. They are making lots of progress with the Triumph in 2015. At the Lima round, Jake had a very hard crash that could have been much worse. We check in with this talented rider just prior to the return of the DuQuoin Mile!

Kevin Atherton, former National #23, has had every experience possible at the DuQuoin Mile. He joins us with his take on the return of the AMA Pro Grand National Championship to DuQuoin and we check in on his 2015 season with the Zanotti Racing Team.

George Latus is the owner of the Latus Motors Racing Factory Triumph team for flat track and MotoAmerica road racing. We check in with George about their success with their rider, Bobby Fong, in the MotoAmerica series and discuss the 2015 flat track season including the DuQuoin Mile and the Indy Mile events next up on the tour!


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