Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone - The Stars from X Games Flat Track!

Daytona Beach, FL (June 10, 2015) - We begin this show with our opening monologue where I give my take on the Harley-Davidson Flat Track at the ESPN X-Games Austin.

Kris Schoonover of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company joins us to discuss their marketing strategy and their plan of action going forward. Will there be Flat Track at the Winter X-Games?  Will there be a future for Harley Davidson at the X-Games?

Dan Johnsen is no stranger to the Flat Track community and was the Flat Track Director for X-Games. We will discuss the track conditions and get his view point on the behind the scenes events that we didn't see... or hear!

Bryan Smith rode the Howerton Motorsports Crosley Kawasaki to a Gold Medal. We get his opinion on the race track and... what's the deal with Kid Rock!

Scottie Deubler was the Color Analyst for ESPN for what was easily his biggest event in his career. How did it go for him? Scottie and I will discuss the race and how it will impact AMA Pro Flat Track as we move forward.

Relax and have a SOZO. We scheduled extra time for this special edition show and we are going to use every minute of it to bring you the most complete Harley-Davidson Flat Track ESPN X-Games Austin wrap-up show you will hear anywhere!