Tip of the Month - Tubeless Tire Changing


Tire changing can be a daunting task for anyone not familiar with the process or the various tricks you can employ to make this job pretty simple and stress free.

Luckily, Motion Pro has a bunch of tools ready to make this job an easy one. One of the newest tools we have available is the Bead Pro, which is detailed elsewhere in this newsletter. This tool is the one that makes it possible to work on tubeless tires on the road or in your garage. Tubeless tires use a more aggressive safety bead and rim design to keep the pressure in the tire, rather than resorting to a tube, which adds weight, complexity and heat to an operating tire. The Bead Pro makes it possible to break the bead on a tubeless tire with a minimum of effort, something that was not possible before with conventional tools, which are too bulky to bring on the road or trail with you.

Once the bead is broken on the tire you are working on, Motion Pro also has several other tools to make the rest of the job easy. Our Rim Shields will protect the rims of the wheel you are working on, and the Bead Buddy® II will help to keep the bead of the tire in the drop center of the rim, a critical step to reduce the effort needed to pull the bead of the tire on the other side of the wheel over the rim. For a lot of detailed information, Motion Pro has a tire changing article on our website here.

If you find yourself becoming a tire changing expert, one tool that is a must have in your garage is the super cool Tire Station, which is a super stable platform to perform tires changes from, and can incorporate an air tank, keeping everything you need for tire changes all in one place.