Valve Shim Tool Kaw, 08-0019


1. Turn crankshaft so that the cam lobe is 180-degrees from the tappet Face. (Fig. 1)
2. Insert the spring tool between the cam lobe and the shim. Push the tool in and pry down so that the tappet is forced away from the cam. (Fig. 2)
3. Insert the Tappet holder between the camshaft and the edge of the tappet. (Fig. 3)
4. Remove the spring tool and change the shim.
5. Replace the spring tool to remove the tappet holder and then remove the spring tool.
Note: The 5.5mm end of the tappet holder (Fig. 4) fits KZ1000, 1100 & 1300. The 7.0mm end fits the KZ750B-Series.

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Valve Shim Tool Kaw

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