Blind Bearing Removal Set 8,10,12,15,17,20,25,30mm ID Brngs

  • Set includes 30, 25, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 8mm collets
  • 2 pound slide-hammer
  • Crossbar type shaft allows easy collet removal
  • Necessary tool for most transmission rebuilds
  • Can be used for wheel bearing

Part No. 08-0292


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Customer Reviews

I used this set a few times in class and had no problems with it. I thought it was easier and faster than any other set i used. So ill give it four stars for just the few times ive used it.
by Michael on August 28, 2008

This subject just came up in a Facebook group, so I will share my thoughts (confession) here too: Here’s a hard lesson learned: We have used a MotionPro blind bearing set for years, great tool. Not cheap. Finally, after literally hundreds of removals, two of the more frequently used collets got dull and would no longer grip the bearing. MotionPro being awesome as they are, they sell replacement collets, however when going to buy the two I needed I did notice an entire Tusk set for about the cost of the two replacement collets, lost my mind, and bought the Tusk set. Note that the Tusk set was in an identical-looking blow-molded case, looked like the same tool in a different colored box. Not so. I could not remove a single wheel bearing with the Tusk set, the collet stripped IMMEDIATELY. First bearing. I boxed that SOB up, sent it back to Amazon and ponied up for the MP replacement collets, and said a silent apology to them while I was at it. Buy the good tools for this task.
by NILS on March 21, 2020

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