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Tappet Oil Filter Screw Plug Tool for HD

  • For use on big twin (excluding twin cam) with slotted screw tappet oil filter screen cover
  • Designed for use with 7/16" combination wrench to allow for maximum rotation without touching engine cases
  • O-ring design retains the tool in wrench or socket
  • Flange design allows downward force to be applied to tool
  • Can be used without removing exhaust pipes on most bikes
  • Tappets should be serviced every oil change
Tappet Oil Filter Screw Plug Tool for HD
Part # 08-0339


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Customer Reviews

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by Russ on September 19, 2008

Piece is good, but I highly recommend using a socket, small extension and ratchet unlike the directions show with a box wrench. As with any flat screwdriver, this thing will slip right off and scratch something - like your chrome cam cover. It really needs a collar around it to keep the tool on the cap. Also, unless you keep this thing centerd on the cap, it will burr the slot on the cap itself as well if it's screwed on tight. Again, a ratchet with your second hand keeping downward pressure and centered will save you a lot of headache.