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Designed For The Rigorous Demands Of Off-Road™

The Motion Pro Titan Throttle Tube™ is made with a proprietary low-friction composite material that delivers a light, precise, and smooth operating feel with low transmitted vibration. These throttle tubes are strong enough to take the heaviest impacts, and resilient enough not to crack or deform on the handlebar. Titan Throttle Tubes™ combine the best properties of aluminum and traditional nylon tubes at a fraction of the cost.

Motion Pro is so confident about the indestructibility of the Titan Throttle Tube™ that we offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty. If you damage it due to crash or tip over, we will replace it.

The Titan Throttle Tube™ is available for most late model 2-stoke & 4-stroke off-road motorcycles, and also available as an upgrade to several of our replacement throttle assemblies. Motion Pro Rev2™ Variable Rate Throttle Kits come standard-equipped with a Titan Throttle Tube™ for all dirt/off-road applications.


Available for: 4-Stroke & 2-Stroke


Also available for: Motion Pro® Rev2™ Throttle and OEM removable reels and OEM housing for KTM/Husqvarna


Tougher and more resilient than aluminum tubes

  • Will not deform and seize upon a hard impact like aluminum tubes can
  • Proprietary low-friction material provides smooth operation and eliminates galling
  • No irritating and uncomfortable vibration like aluminum tubes
  • Higher performance than aluminum tubes at a much lower cost
  • Lifetime limited crash warranty - If it breaks due to a crash or tip over we will send you a new one!
  • The Titan throttle tube has a non removable end cap. Modification of this product voids warranty
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty


$21.99 each

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Download an application grease card for a handy quick reference.

 Titan Throttle Tube Grease Card

Installation Instructions

Thank you for selecting Motion Pro. Install your new Motion Pro Titan Throttle Tube following the throttle tube installation instructions in the factory shop manual for your vehicle.

Thoroughly clean the inside of the throttle housing and the outer surface on the throttle side of the handlebars with soap and water before installing the Titan throttle tube. Both must be completely free of dirt and oil prior to installation of the Titan throttle tube. Remember to properly tighten and torque the throttle housing bolts.

WARNING: Do not lubricate. The Titan throttle tube is made from a specially formulated self-lubricating plastic composite. It does not need any additional lubrication for optimal performance. Application of oil or grease attracts and holds dirt and increases friction and wear. Please do not apply any lubricant or grease to any part of the Titan tube or to the barrel of the throttle cable. Application of any petroleum based lubricant to the Titan throttle can severely compromise its strength and cause it to fail. Application of petroleum based lubricant to the Titan throttle tube will void the warranty on this product.

Install grips in accordance with grip maker’s instructions. The Titan tube is compatible with all commonly available grip glues.

WARNING: Do not use paint, contact cleaner, or any other solvent or chemical not specifically made for gluing grips as this will void the warranty and could damage the Titan tube and/or your grips.

WARNING: Improper installation or failure to follow these instructions could result in great bodily injury or death.

 Titan Tubes Installation Instructions

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Motion Pro products with a lifetime warranty are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship only and this guarantee is limited to repair or replacement of the product only and to the original purchaser only. Customers located in the USA may call Motion Pro warranty department at 650-594-9600 to get an RGA number before returning product. In the USA, send product back to Motion Pro Warranty Department, 3171 Swetzer Rd, Loomis, CA 95650 for inspection with RGA number clearly noted on outside of box or in letter inside box. Include note with product clearly stating claimed defect, proof of purchase, and your contact information. Motion Pro reserves the right to inspect and determine if a product is defective and that product was not subject to misuse. Consumers outside of the USA must contact the store where they purchased the product from to obtain warranty return and service directions for their country and location. Above is the customer’s exclusive remedy. The above is expressly in lieu of all other warranties express or implied and of all other obligations or liabilities. In no event shall Motion Pro, Inc. be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising from the breach of any warranties, improper use, the failure to deliver, delay in delivery, delivery of non conforming parts or any other breach of contract or duty.

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