Sealmate Fork Seal Cleaner (Card of 12)

  • Easy way to keep your fork seals clean and debris free
  • Extracts dirt and debris trapped between fork seal and tube
  • Will work on conventional and up-side down forks
  • Self -service display card with 12 individual fork seal cleaners. Use part number 08-0395 for singles.

Part No. 08-0356


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I can't believe IT worked!!! I was going on this years desert motorcycle ride in northern California ( The mystery 250) when I noticed both my fork legs were leaking. I called my local shop to get them fixed but they needed two days wrench time,and the ride was the next day. So I took out the Sealmate tool, stuck it in the seal and rotated around. I then pumped the forks but they were still leaving a ring of oil, so I kept pumping and wiping, about (nine times in all) I was amazed, they both re-sealed.Even after the ride they were not leaking!!! Great product, THANKS
by on July 1, 2010

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