Stepless Clamp Fuel Line Fittings Kit, 80 pcs, w/Pincer Tool

  • Convenient kit includes 80 pcs of hardware, a Motion Pro Side Jaw Pincer tool, and a convenient fuel line clamp size chart
  • Warning: not for use with fuel injection systems
  • Kit includes following items packed in a convenient storage box:

12-0074 Stepless Ear Clamps, 7.8mm to 9.5mm range, 10 pcs
12-0084 Stepless Ear Clamps, 8.8mm to 10.5mm range, 10 pcs
12-0081 Stepless Ear Clamps, 9.6mm to 11.3mm range, 10 pcs
12-0075 Stepless Ear Clamps, 10.3mm to 12.8mm range, 10 pcs
12-0076 Stepless Ear Clamps, 10.8mm to 13.3mm range, 10 pcs
12-0077 Stepless Ear Clamps, 12.0mm to 14.5mm range, 10 pcs
12-0082 Stepless Ear Clamps, 13.2mm to 15.7mm range, 10 pcs
12-0078 Stepless Ear Clamps, 14.8mm to 18.0mm range, 10 pcs
12-0073 Side Jaw Pincer Tool

Part No. 12-0083


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