36th Annual Motion Pro Nevada 200 Trailride

This year the Neveda 200 Trail Ride took place October 9-11, this epic three day event was a great sucess with perfect weather and fun group of riders from legends to first timers! 

"Two aspects always highlight the Nevada 200. One: The unbelievable scenery and trail network that the Nevada 200 has pioneered in Lincoln County, Nevada (literally thousands of miles of single track and jeep trails). Two: the tremendous camaraderie and relationships that surround the event."

2020 Nevada 200 Trail Group

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Motion Pro owner Chris Carter setting up product for the 2020 Nevada 200 Trailride group

AMA Hall of Fame marking crew of (left to right) Rodney Smith, Jack Johnson and Scot Harden

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"Day 2 of the Nevada 200 Trailride is in the books"

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Epic views

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The event is promoted by AMA Hall of Famer Scot Harden and Best In The Desert Champion Daryl Folks.












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