Celebration of Speed Tennessee February 2022 Event

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AMA Referee/starter, Tom Fox will be in charge of the starting gate. Industry Racing’s Kelly Inman will oversee the race program. Northern California announcer from “Fast Fridays” Roondog Mike Rooney will be the announcer.

Motorcycle Racing Contact: Patrick Bedford Email: Phone: 256-361-7279 Mailing Address: 365 Main Street, Lynchburg, TN 37352

Date: February 26th, 2022  Location: Lynchburg Outdoors, 45 Park Alley , Lynchburg, TN 37352 Time: Opening ceremony is 5:45pm Central Standard Time. Main events at 6pm


D1: Aaron Fox, Max Ruml, Michael Miller, Blake Borello, Rheten Todd, Jonny Oakden, Mike Buman, Rees Todd, David Oakden, Spencer Potrararo, Daniel Oakden, Sara Cords, Jesse Diem

Note: D1 riders will run 3 rounds, 2 Semi, 1 final

D2: Dana Marsh, Pat Cliff, Heath Heston, Lukas Michalski, Mike Cortese Jr., Trenton Lane, Jason Lundberg, Isaiah Canales

Note: D2 will run 3 rounds, top four in points will race in a final

D3: Voytek Dojka POL, Scott Taylor USA, Dale Robinson USA, Czarek Kozanecki POL, Mateusz Kozanecki POL, Zach Ostrander USA, Jacek Jarosz POL, Timothy Wilmarth USA, Alexis Heath POL, Bubba Boswell USA

Team Poland vs. USA (5 rider per team)

Note: We split the riders in each round some from Poland some from USA. The top scoring team wins the match. Then we will take the top four points scores overall to a main to determine individual D3 class winner.

150cc: Joel Farwell, Dalton Marsh, Cody Pierce, Drew Eldred


• At the end of each speedway round we will race three flat track finals 

• After Round 1) 50cc beginner, 50cc advanced, 85cc

• After round two Mad Dog, Vintage light, +50 year olds

• After round three: 0-450 open amateur, Heavy Vintage, Xtreme Hooligan

• The 150cc winner will be determined by overall points after three rounds

• After all rounds are concluded we will run two D1 semis, one D2 main, one D3 main

For More Information: • Celebration of Speed Magazine • WSKY RADIO & Podcast

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