CR Pro Throttle Kit, 01-0313 & 01-0345 & 01-0353 & 01-0513 P/N 01-2527& P/N 01-2529 (YFZ 350 BANSHEE)


NOTE: When this kit is used with stock carburetors it will be necessary to install an idle kit P/N 08-0045.
1. Remove the seat and fuel tank. Carefully observe how the stock throttle cable is routed from the thumb throttle to the carburetors. This is how you will want to route the new cable.
2. Temporarily remove any clamps or guides used to retain the throttle cable. Remove the stock thumb throttle assembly.
3. Before removing the carburetor top/switch assemblies, clean the outside of the carburetors and switch assemblies thoroughly. On the outside of the carburetors you will find a gold colored carburetor top locking plate. Remove these plates and unscrew the carburetor tops. Remove the carburetor top/switch assemblies. Do not allow any dirt or foreign material to enter the openings left in the carburetors. Placing clean rags in the openings of the carburetors will help avoid this problem. ANY DIRT OR FOREIGN MATERIAL THAT ENTERS THE CARBURETORS CAN CAUSE THE THROTTLE SLIDES TO STICK.
4. Pull the spring away from the slide and remove the retaining plate. Remove the slide and spring from the carburetor top/switch assembly. Install the adjuster, carburetor cap, spring and slide onto the new cable. Make sure the needle is in the correct position and reinstall the retaining plate. Repeat this operation for the other carburetor. NOTE: When you remove the carburetor top/switch assemblies, you also remove the idle adjustment. To have an idle adjustment, Motion Pro kit # 08-0045 must be installed. This kit is available separately.
5. Remove the rags in the carburetor openings. Again, be careful that dirt or foreign material does not enter the carburetors. Install the throttle slides into the carburetors. Make sure the guide pin slides into the groove on the slide (slide cutaway to rear). Note: The throttle slide cutaway will be towards the front if the throttle slides are switched between the carburetors. Tighten the carburetor cap. Pull on the top cable end to make sure the full travel (up and down) of the slides is smooth, without binding.
6. Remove the right hand grip from the handlebar. With an Allen wrench, disassemble the new throttle assembly. Using the throttle sleeve as a guide, mark the handlebar showing where the sleeve will fit. With fine sandpaper remove any paint on the handlebar where the throttle sleeve will fit. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE HANDLEBAR BE CLEAN AND SMOOTH. IF THE HANDLEBAR IS NOT CLEAN AND SMOOTH IT IS POSSIBLE FOR THE THROTTLE TO STICK.
7. The type of twist grips varies, but all types will install and work similarly. Slide the throttle sleeve onto the handlebar. Next, install the cable through the top half of the throttle housing and connect the cable end to the slot in the throttle sleeve. Install the plastic cable guide or wheel into the upper throttle housing. Make sure the cable fits into the groove of the guide or wheel. Note: Some throttle designs do not have plastic guides or wheels. Refer to individual throttle instruction sheets. Assemble the upper and lower throttle housings while positioning the throttle sleeve stop above the housing stop. Allow an 1/8 inch clearance between the grip and handlebar end. This will prevent the grip from binding on the end of the handlebar. Position the throttle so that the throttle cable will exit above the front brake lever assembly. Insert the throttle housing screws and tighten.
8. Throttle cable adjustment: ALL THROTTLE CABLE ADJUSTMENTS ARE DONE WITH THE ENGINE OFF. Start by synchronizing the carburetors. With the air cleaner box off, you can feel the backsides of the throttle slides with your fingers. When you twist the throttle with your right hand you can feel the throttle slides move with your left fingers. Adjust the carburetor top adjusters, so that both slides (from the fully closed position) begin to move simultaneously when the throttle is opened. As a double check, open the throttle so that the backs of the slides are even with the top of the throttle bore. Set the highest slide even and bring the other slide up to match. Reinstall the air cleaner box. Adjust the top throttle cable adjuster so there is a slight amount of free play (1/16 to 1/8 inch). Tighten all adjuster nuts. Reinstall all cable clamps and guides. Check that the throttle will snap back from the full open position in all handlebar steering positions. Also, check that the cable has free play when the handlebars are turned side to side. Note: Cable routing and throttle position affect the smoothness of throttle operation. Route the cable to avoid sharp bends or kinks. Position the throttle so that it does not create sharp bends or kinks in the cable.
9. Electrical Connections: This machine is equipped with a THROTTLE OVERRIDE SYSTEM. The purpose of this system is to turn off the ignition if the carburetor slide sticks open in the throttle body. When the stock thumb throttle and carburetor top/switch assembly are removed, this system is disabled. When working on 1988-2001 models, the ignition system will also be disabled. The control box, located inside the front left fender, must be removed for the ignition system to work. When working on 2002 and later models it is not necessary to remove the control box, just unplug the lower electrical connector from the stock thumb throttle and loop together the two pin connecter where the stock thumb throttle attaches on the main wire harness or where the thumb throttle plugs into the CDI box. Either way, you are connecting the plug back in where it was disconnected from (One way to loop the connections is to use the last three inches of the thumb throttle lower connection attach the two wires together and plug back into the main harness). Cover all exposed wires and connector's with electrical tape. Or, use Motion Pro Switch Elimination Coupler Assembly part number 11-0040 and snap coupler directly into existing 2 pin connector where the thumb throttle was plugged into the main harness. THE THROTTLE OVERRIDE SYSTEM IS NOW DISABLED.
10. Install the fuel tank and seat. Start the engine to check throttle operation. Using throttle, raise engine speed momentarily to 4000 RPM and release throttle. Engine speed should drop quickly to idle speed without hesitation. Next, while turning the handlebars side to side, there should be no change in engine speed. Repeat step 8 if throttle is not operating as described above.
11. It is suggested that you familiarize yourself with the operation of the twist grip throttle. Run the machine at different speeds until you are completely familiar with how the throttle operates. If you have experience riding motorcycles the twist throttle will be quite natural. If you have only used the thumb type throttle you should practice until operation of throttle is done without second thought.
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