CR Pro Throttle Kit 01-2512 & 01-2513 & 01-2589


The 2006 and later Honda TRX450R/ER Electric Start / Kick Start models come equipped with a THROTTLE OVERRIDE SYSTEM that you will need to disable when installing your new Motion Pro twist throttle kit. The purpose of the system is to turn off the ignition if the carburetor slide were ever to stick open in the throttle body. This system will activate and your ATV will not start once the thumb throttle has been removed. Please follow the steps listed below and as always if you have any problems or questions, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND CONTACT MOTION PRO DIRECTLY.
1) After removing the hood and left front fender of the vehicle, follow the wire lead from the thumb throttle housing to the green connector mounted on the side panel of the frame. Disconnect the green male connector from the green female connector and remove the thumb throttle assembly.
2) You will now need to make a loop from the male plug that is attached to the thumb throttle assembly. This may be done by cutting the plug off and splicing the two wires together. We recommend that you cut the wires at least three (3”) from the male connector. Now plug the male and female connectors back together, and cover all exposed wires and connectors with electrical tape. THE THROTTLE OVERRIDE SYSTEM IS NOW DISABLED.
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