D36 ACTION ALERT – CA Red Sticker/Competition Bike Regulations

Many of you have been following the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Proposed OHRV Regulatory Amendments to the Red Sticker Program. The official 45-day comment period started on March 8 and ends on April 22, 2019 at 5 p.m. There will be a CARB hearing on April 25 but the most important action you can take is to send in a comment, since a decision will most likely have been made before the board meets.

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On April 10, D36 LAO submitted formal comments with a common sense “Competition Stakeholders Alternative.” D36 believes the CARB staff proposal falls short since it continues to rely on incomplete data sets or misguided understanding of what “competition” means to affected riders, land managers, rural economies, OHV dealerships, law enforcement of OHV policies, conservation/restoration efforts, trail ethic education programs, and organized OHV clubs and/or motorcycle competition sanctioning bodies.

Unfortunately, it also appears that CARB has failed to understand and capture the importance of riders having access to meaningful practice for competition events on private, local, state, and federal lands.

D36 believes the collective weight of the proposal could have an unintended and devastating impact on competition events, riders, and other related stakeholders including land management agencies in the State of California.

Photo: Courtesy of Carnegie SVRA Facebook

D36 respects the limited amount of time that most riders have available to attend meetings and write letters. But since this issue will shape the future of competition motorcycle events and practice riding for decades to come, the D36 LAO is asking you to send a short letter to CARB asking them to support
the D36 Competition Stakeholder proposal that seeks to meet the following CARB objectives listed below in bullet format.

  • Ensure law enforcement has the ability to access vehicle ownership and registration for competition off-road motorcycles through use of a 17 digit VIN. Additional benefit for financing and insuring competition labeled off-road only motorcycles.

  • Ensure competition off-road motorcycle owners fund OHV-related land management, restoration, law enforcement, vehicle registration, safety, education, and youth training programs.

  • Allow for the purchase, operation, and resale of competition labeled off-road motorcycles for use by racers at sanctioned “closed-course” or skill-based off-road motorcycle competition events (i.e. GP, Hare Scrambles, Enduros, Trials, etc.) and for practicing for participation at sanctioned off-road motorcycle competition events.

  • Safeguard the future of off-road motorcycle races/events and related race practicing.

Again, D36 is asking its members who want to preserve our access to competition motorcycles to take a couple of minutes to send in a simple comment letter to CARB asking them to adopt our alternative or some version thereof. Feel free to cite the bullet points above and/or add any specific comments about what competition means to your family and friends.

Send Letter using the CARB online comment form link 

If you have time, also send your letter to the CARB Clerk at:
and send a copy to the D36 LAO at:

To read comments submitted by D36 and others, please use the link below

Thanks in advance for taking time to participate in this regulatory process.

Don Amador
Government Affairs
AMA District 36 LAO



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