Featured Product: Ringer® Fork Seal Drivers

Ringer® Fork Seal Driver are an innovative take on a tool that has been around for a long time.  Fork seal drivers are not something that people put a lot of thought into. It’s a heavy chunk of metal, sized to fit a fork tube, and designed to bang a fork seal into place.

Motion Pro demonstrates the great features of the patented Ringer® Fork Seal Drivers. These handy fork seal drivers will help you easily drive seals in place and eliminate damaging suspension components when servicing your motorcycle's front forks.

They’re simple tools, traditionally with two halves to fit around a fork tube, with a few pins to locate the halves together. And they work great, until your hand slips, and the halves come apart, damaging the fork, pinching your fingers or landing on your foot. So we set out to build a better fork seal driver.

The Ringer® Innovative design makes tool easier and safer to use than old fashioned pin aligned drivers

The Ringer® Fork Seal Driver solves the problems inherent in traditional fork seal drivers. There are still two halves to go around the fork tube, but instead of pins, we have two dovetailed half-rings that fit into a dovetail recess on the driver. To separate the driver, you simply rotate the rings until the halves line up with the driver halves, and the tool comes apart to install on the fork. Put the halves around the fork leg, rotate the rings 90 degrees, and the tool is locked together, making it impossible to open up and damage the fork or hurt your hands. It’s so simple and straightforward, you will wonder why no one thought of it before. You’ll want to show them off to your friends, they’re that cool.

Anodized aluminum locking ring features knurled finish for secure no-slip grip and positively locks body halves together during use

The Ringer® Fork Seal Drivers are available in all the common sizes, 35/36, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45, 46/47, 48 ,49 and 50mm sizes. They’re made from e-coated carbon steel with anodized aluminum rings, and the rings have a knurled outer surface for excellent grip.

All of the Ringer® Fork Seal Drivers are clearly laser marked with their size and part number on both halves for easy identification, even when disassembled.

We believe they are so good, they carry a lifetime limited warranty.

Marked with their size and part number on both halves for easy identification

The Ringer® Fork Seal Drivers are available through your local dealer and e-tailers nationwide, get yours ordered today!



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