Fork Seal Bullets, 08-0272

This tool is intended to allow the easy installation of fork seals on inverted fork systems. It eliminates the need for the use of plastic bags or tape to protect the seal while installing over the bushing grove. Note: this tool is not intended to allow the removal of a used seal. Fork seals should never be reused if removed.

Wear eye protection to prevent eye injury from flying circlips and/or fork fluid. We recommend that a qualified mechanic in a properly equipped shop perform this procedure.

1. Disassemble the fork according to the instructions in the model specific shop manual.

2. Thoroughly clean the fork tube and lubricate it with fork fluid. Dip or coat the Fork Seal Bullet in fork fluid and install the Bullet over the bushing groove. Dip or coat the fork seal in fork fluid and slide it over the bullet and onto the fork tube. Remove the Fork Seal Bullet and continue to assemble the fork according to the manufacturers instructions.

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