Keep Those Oils and Fluids Fresh

Everyone knows that keeping fresh oil in your engine and clean coolant in your vehicle is good for it. However, in practice, it’s easy to make excuses with some of the modern motorcycle, ATV and UTV designs, packaging gets tighter and tighter, in an attempt to centralize mass and make for a smaller, better handling machine. An admirable goal, for sure, but it can make regular service difficult.

For instance, a number of motocross bikes employ separate engine and transmission oil systems. Each system has its own fill and drain point, and these bikes hold only a small amount of fluid, making frequent changes a necessity. Accessing some of the fill points is very difficult with a standard quart container of oil. You sort of point it in the right direction and hope for the best. Major clean up afterwards is a given.

Or, let’s talk about cooling systems. The days of the radiator cap hanging out in the breeze, readily accessible, are in the past. Radiators are surrounded by shrouds or bodywork, and some bikes have several layers that need to be removed to access the radiator. What a pain.

Large molded handle allows you keep the funnel stable even at full capacity 

Realizing that this was a growing problem, the guys at Motion Pro put their thinking caps on and built the Pro Funnel™. This is a multi-use tool that should be in everyone’s garage or shop.

First off, the problem of access. The Pro Funnel™ features a long, tapered, pivoting outlet that allows the funnel to access those difficult to reach fill points.

Second, how do you control the flow? Well, with the built-in valve, of course. This allows precise metering of the fluid you are transferring without a lot of acrobatics.

Integrated shutoff valve allows precise amount of liquid to be dispensed

Third, there are multiple measuring scales incorporated into the side of the Pro Funnel™. There are graduations for ounces, and cubic centimeters, and premix ratios for one to three gallons of fuel also. This makes it possible to dispense a specific volume of fluid very easily. Need 400cc of oil for your transmission? Close the valve, fill it to the amount required, insert the funnel into the fill point and open the valve. Done! No mess, no cleanup.

The Pro Funnel™ also features a collar around the top edge of the funnel to reduce spills when the funnel is on its side, and a cap to keep contaminants out of it when it is not in use. There is a handle that allows easy control of the funnel. It also features a magnet on the side of the body to easily store it on the side of your tool box when not in use.

Magnet allows funnel to be stored conveniently on the side of your tool box

The Pro Funnel™ is one of those products that can benefit anyone who does their own maintenance on their ATV or motorcycle. It will pay for itself in time saved and messes avoided in just a couple of uses. It’s one of those products where you will wonder how you’ve gotten by without it.



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