Motion Pro 2022 AFT Year End Championship Class Contingency Program

We’re excited to continue support for American Flat Track racers with our race contingency program for the 2022 American Flat Track season. 

Motion Pro is offering a total of $25,500 for year-end championship contingency in American Flat Track. In the Supertwins class, the top three in points are eligible to receive $5,000 for first, $3,500 for second, and $2,500 for third place. A total of $7,250 will be available between the top 5 finishers in points for the Production Twins class. Additionally, $7,250 is available for the Super Singles top 5 finishers in points. See the document below, for a further break down of the contingency dollars offered by finishing position and 2022 rider requirements:


1st $5,000,

2nd $3,500,

3rd $2,500   

TOTAL: $11,000



1st  $3,000,

2nd $2,000

3rd $1,000,

4th $750

5th $500

TOTAL: $7,250



1st $3,000

2nd $2,000

3rd $1,000

4th $750

5th $500 

TOTAL: $7,250

Requirements for eligability:

  • RIDER MUST post at least 1 permanent Instagram post (not story) of a Motion Pro Tire Pressure Gauge or other Motion Pro product in use on RIDER's competition bike during the 2022 American Flat Track Race Season while tagging "@motionpro" directly into the post, as well as including "@motionpro" in the text of the post.
  • Any post made in effort to meet eligibility requirements must be done so in good taste, and portray Motion Pro in positive manner.
  • RIDER MUST have Motion Pro's 4" oval logo on fork leg/guard of competition bike for the entire 2022 race season in order to be eligible for contingency program.
  • Failure to meet ANY of the above listed requirements will deem RIDER/Competitor ineligible for Class Contingency at year end.



Motion Pro supports amateur and professional racers in several disciplines including Motocross, Supercross, Off-Road, RoadRace, Flat Track, ATV, UTV and Snowmobiles. The best way to apply for race support is to apply directly on our website. Visit our Race Support page and apply today or email


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