Motion Pro Completes Move To New, Bigger Warehouse!

Motion Pro just completed the company’s move to a new facility in Loomis, California and we could not be more excited! We realized a few years ago that we would have to find larger digs to accommodate the ever expanding product line of new products that our engineering team was dreaming up. Problem was that the Bay Area kept getting more and more expensive, and finding new warehouse space in the Bay Area was getting to be a near impossible task. Over a year ago we started looking outside the Bay Area, with a focus on staying near the West Coast. We looked at a lot of places, but we were blown away by a building we found in the small town of Loomis. Located just 150 miles east of our old location, Loomis sits at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is proud of its friendly, small, country town feel, and unabashed desire to stay that way. The town motto is “A small town is like a big family.” Nice thing is that is the same way we feel about our company. The area is a hotbed of enthusiasm for dirt bikes and ATVs, with lots of nearby OHV parks and tracks for us to do product testing and have some fun! The nearby gold country, Lake Tahoe, and many other landmarks make the area a national destination for motorcycle riders from all over the country. We are very fortunate to be in such a great location.

The building we found was last used as a distribution center for the Norther California distributor of Budweiser beer. The former owners did not leave us any beer, but we did get an awesome building that gives us room to grow for the foreseeable future. The new building gives us 57,000 square feet of warehouse space and 8,000 square feet of office space. That’s more than double what we had before! Best of all, the roads are not congested, housing is a third of the cost of the Bay Area, and the community is super friendly and welcoming. The Town Of Loomis extended a very warm welcome to us and they have been great to work with as we took on the task of modifying the building to suit our needs and set up our operations.

Our biggest challenge in this move was getting back up and running after the move and catching up with the backlog of orders. The good news is that our warehouse operations are back in full swing, and we are shipping product out the door faster and more efficiently than ever before. Our new digs will provide us with the room we need to keep growing and improving Motion Pro, and we are extremely thankful for all the help and support we got from our employees, distributors, dealers, and consumers during the move. We are confident that Motion Pro now has the resources to continue to thrive and provide the best products and services in the industry for a long time to come!

Kevin Veltfort, General Manager
Motion Pro, Inc.


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