Motion Pro Staff Picks - Eric Clay

Staff Member: Eric Clay, Creative Director

Q. What is your favorite Motion Pro product?

A. Easy choice, the Deluxe Suspension Bearing Service Tool, Part No. 08-0294

Q. What makes this one of your favorite products?

A. I’ve been reviving older off-road bikes and this kit is a must-have for any garage. Servicing motorcycle suspension linkage and bearings are common tasks for any off-road bike and one area which is      commonly neglected. When the bearings and bushings become corroded and dry of grease, removing these components can be extremely difficult without access to a large shop vise. The Deluxe Suspension Bearing Service Tool has been great and provides me a range of sizes for various applications and is compact enough to fit in my home toolbox.

Q. How often do you use this product or is it installed on your Motorcycle/Scooter/ATV/UTV/Snowmobile/Vehicle?

A. I use my kit several times a year. I’ve successfully replaced the linkage bearings and bushings on four of my motorcycles using this kit.

Q. What are your hobbies/interests?

A. Riding moto, working on my motorcycles, photography, and raising my kids!



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