Penton 50th Anniversary Celebration

The first ten production Penton motorcycles arrived in Amherst Ohio just in time to compete March 10th, 1968 at the Stone Mountain National Enduro and a legend was born. This March 10th is the 50th Anniversary of that historic event and the Penton Owners Group is throwing a party to celebrate. You are invited. The KTM Group is graciously opening its doors for the celebration at their Amherst, Ohio headquarters on March 10th and 11th of 2018.


We have planned a fully interactive weekend with our guest of honor, none other than JOHN PENTON himself. Joining John are his sons and a number of the employees, dealers and famous racers that helped to make Penton a legendary name in off-road motorcycling.


Enjoy special events and presentations all weekend. Pizza and The John Penton Story movie, with special guest Todd Huffman. Bonus video of stories that didn’t make the movie. Bench racing with the Penton racing stars, Carl Cranke, Frank Gallo, the Penton boys, Kevin LaVoie, Eric Jensen and more. A live broadcast of the popular Two Wheel Power Hour radio show hosted by Larry Ward and special guest Larry Maiers. These and so much more.

Another highlight of the weekend is the vintage motorcycle and memorabilia show. You are invited to bring your vintage motorcycles and memorabilia to display or just come and enjoy the show. For details visit the Penton Owners Group website.

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About the Penton Owners Group:

The Penton Owners Group is recognized worldwide as the premiere vintage motorcycle organization dedicated to the preservation of the Penton motorcycle.  This timeless classic came out of a dream by its creator, famed motorcycle racer, John Penton, after approaching a small Austrian bicycle and moped manufacturer by the name of KTM.  This dream set a new standard in sport and competition motorcycling.  The innovative design and development of this machine began in 1967 and stayed at the forefront for the next ten years.  At the end of 1977, John Penton and the Penton name stepped away from this world-class machine.  The following year the motorcycle reappeared bearing a new name that is still recognized to this day as one of the leading brand names in the world of motorcycling and that name is KTM.

If you feel that you would like to help celebrate the legendary Penton motorcycle and the dreams of its creator, click below and support the Penton, known as the Sports Motorcycle Built For Champions.

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