Rev2 Throttle Housing and Tube Revision


WARNING: Rev2 Throttle Housing and Tube Revision 

– Please read before you install!


A running change was made to the Rev2 Housing and both the Off Road and Street Tubes to increase the size of the throttle stop for greater durability. The parts are not

interchangeable and incorrect assembly could result in great bodily injury or death. Each generation has its own set of part numbers:



          ORIGINAL REV2 PART #          

          REVISED REV2.1 PART #           

     Housing Complete w/ Screws      



     Throttle Tube - Street 



     Titan Throttle Tube -Off Road 




None of the other components in the Rev2 assembly have changed.

Identifying your components:

The critical dimension is the width of the throttle stop on the throttle tube: 


 Original Rev2 (Street or Off Road) Tube ~10mm

Rev2.1 (Street or Off Road) Tube ~11mm


 WARNING: Do not use a Rev 2.1 throttle tube in an older housing. 

Doing so could cause the throttle to bind and could result in great bodily 

injury or death. An original Rev2 tube will fit and function in a revised Rev2.1 housing. If you have any questions or concerns about the correct fitment on your throttle assembly, contact Motion Pro. If you have purchased a new Rev2.1 throttle tube and have the old version Rev2 housing, please contact Motion Pro at (650) 594-9600 for a free replacement updated housing.





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