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Many ATV and UTV vehicles are using independent 4 wheel drive suspension these days, and that means a lot of universal joints that need service. U-Joints live in a tough environment with having to transmit lots of power and exposed to lots of dust, dirt and mud. They are a critical component to the drivetrain, and ignoring them can result in damage to other components, or a disabled vehicle!

Motion Pro recently introduced the U-Joint Press Tool, which makes replacing U-Joint components a snap, maybe even fun! Once the drive shaft or half shaft is removed from the vehicle, the retaining clips are removed from the bearing cups, and the U-Joint is placed in the press.

The press is height adjustable for varying sizes of U-Joints, and there are several support inserts for various yoke diameters. There are also two press tips for different diameter cups. Once the yoke is in place in the press, the center lead screw is tightened to press out the cross and bearing cups. If you have an extremely stubborn U-Joint, the top plate of the press floats and it is possible to strike the lead screw with a dead blow hammer to shock the joint and hopefully make removal easier. Once the cups are pressed out on one side, you can tilt the cross out and remove the yoke. Rotate the remaining side of the U-Joint 90 degrees, and repeat the above steps to remove the other side.

Installation of the new bearing cups and cross is very similar to removal. Using the Motion Pro U-Joint Press Tool is simple, quick and convenient. Until now, using automotive sized U-Joint tools has made this job a hassle on ATVs and UTVs, and a better solution is now available.


Author: Chris Van Andel

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