Wheel Bearing Remover Sets, 08-0269


1. Remove any seals and or clips that are used to retain the bearing in the hub.
2. Select the proper sized collet remover for the bearing you wish to remove. Collet removers are labled according to the size. Never use a collet remover on the wrong sized bearing.
3. Place the collet into the bearing as shown in Fig 1. with the slotted side facing down.
4. Place the hub on a smooth hard surface such as a piece of wood or a work bench with the collet facing down. (Fig.
2) Tap the rod into the slot on the collet to expand it until it is tight on the inside of the bearing. (Fig. 3)
5. Using a mallet over an open area, drive the bearing out of the hub. If the bearing is seized into the hub it is likely that heating the aluminum around the bearing will make it easier to remove.
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