Featured Product: Motion Pro Grip Glue Multipurpose Adhesive

Motion Pro is known for its range of controls for motorcycles, including levers, throttlestwist throttle kits and more, and we also manufacture a broad range of grips for both on and off road purposes. Motion Pro also offers a unique grip glue, Motion Pro Grip Glue Mulitipurpose Adhesive which is formulated to be the best grip glue available on the market.

This versatile adhesive bonds quickly and securely to a wide variety of materials in a broad range of temperatures, but not so fast you can’t get your grips on in time, a problem with a lot of other adhesives used for grips. Motion Pro Grip Glue remains flexible after it cures, it’s waterproof, and is easily removable when it comes time to change grips.  The unique ability to quickly and easily remove the old grip glue from your throttle tube and handlebar surfaces makes changing grips a breeze. The Motion Pro Grip Glue also is an excellent general purpose adhesive applicable to a number of other uses. It remains flexible when set, making it resistant to vibration. A tube or two in your tool box can help not only with grips, but repairs to gear, boots, or temporary protection for worn areas, damaged wiring, etc.



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