Tech Tip: Fork Alignment

A seemingly simple task when reinstalling a front wheel on an off-road bike is determining the exact location to clamp the fork leg on the axle. Professional mechanics know that setting the fork legs on a motorcycle so they are parallel to each from top to bottom is an essential task when reinstalling the front wheel. Misaligned fork legs that are pulled in or pushed out by the axle will feel harsh, affect suspension action, and even prematurely wear bushings and seals. Previously, mechanics would compress and release the fork several times with the pinch bolts loose, or spin the wheel and slam on the front brake to shock the fork mount into parallel. Both of these methods are hit or miss at best, and neither method provides verifiable accuracy. Up until now this seemingly simple task was, in reality, not so easy to do accurately.

Checking the upper fork alignment

Motion Pro developed the ForkTRU™ Alignment Tool, a simple solution to help you align the forks on off-road and MX motorcycles. With this tool you will quickly know your fork legs are perfectly parallel from top to bottom. Being off by just a few millimeters over time will make a difference and will wear seals and bushing at a quicker rate. Proper fork alignment reduces stiction, which allows the suspension to work freely, provides better handling, and increases the life of your fork seals and bushings.

Checking the lower fork alignment

Best of all, it is a very simple tool to use. All you do is set the ForkTRU™ Alignment Tool to the width of the upper fork tubes below the triple clamp, then, with the axle pinch bolts loose, move the tool to the bottom fork tubes (as close as possible to the axle) and move the fork legs so the width at the bottom is exactly the same as it is at the top as indicated by the ForkTRU™. Then you just tighten the axle pinch bolts to set the fork legs in place. The old method of pushing your forks up and down will only leave you guessing if they're aligned properly, but the ForkTRU™ will give you the accurate results you're looking for every time with no measuring needed. Any time you remove and replace your front wheel, you can depend on the ForkTRU™ to properly aligned them. Maximize performance and extend the life of you seals, get yours on order today.



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