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There have been so many modern innovations in ignition systems that they bear virtually no resemblance to the ignition systems of old. Modern digital electronic systems are highly efficient, and in many cases are integrated with the fuel system now, making them virtually invisible to the owner, and almost maintenance free. Any adjustments are now made with a computer, no wrenches needed. There is one common denominator that remains. Spark plugs!

Pro Plug Socket™: 14 mm (9/16"), 16 mm (5/8"), 18mm (11/16") and 21mm (13/16")

Spark plugs still need some attention, and Motion Pro makes a wide variety of spark plug wrenches, sockets and other tools so that this critical component of your engine can be easily removed or installed.

The newest member of this family is the line of Pro Plug Sockets™, a patented product designed here at Motion Pro. These spark plug sockets are made in all the common sizes, and are an extreme thin wall design to fit into the tightest cylinder heads. The Pro Plug Socket™ also has a unique retention design that allows retention of the spark plug for removal or installation in the cylinder head, but will release easily enough to be able to remove the socket from the spark plug without a lot of wrestling. All of the Pro Plug Sockets™ have both a 3/8” square drive for use with a ratchet, or a hex on top of the socket for use with a standard combo wrench in tight spaces.

Motion Pro Pro Plug Socket™ 21mm (13/16") shown in use with a 17mm wrench

Related to the Pro Plug Sockets™ is the handy Stepped Swivel Extension, which is a 3” long, 3/8” square drive extension, with a special design on the square drive that allows it to be used as either a straight fixed drive, or a swivel type. The extension is useful in many situations, and can be used with a ¼” drive ratchet or 14mm combo wrench, and it also features a cross hole to allow it to be driven with a Phillips screwdriver or even an Allen wrench. We chose the ¼” drive for the low torque use needed for spark plugs, to help avoid over-torquing a spark plug in the head. This is a handy extension to have in the garage or in your tool pack for the trail.

Speaking of trail use, anyone with a two stroke off road bike should look at the Ratchet Spark Plug Wrench and the 13/16” Extension Socket for their bikes. Both tools are designed for the 13/16” spark plugs that are the most common size on two strokes. The ratchet alone works with the great majority of two strokes produced in the last 2 decades or more, and the extension allows the ratchet to be used with certain models where the cooling system neck on the cylinder head interferes with the ratchet on its own.

The Motion Pro 18mm Spark Plug Socket shown in use with Stepped Swivel Socket Extension

When working with spark plugs on any motorcycle, it’s important to make sure that the electrode gap is correct whether installing new plugs or inspecting old ones. The Motion Pro Spark Plug Gap Tool is a handy way to quickly check the gap on a spark plug, and its handy small size will fit in any tool box or in your tool pack. And when the work on your bike is done, or the ride is over, the handy bottle opener will have you enjoying your favorite beverage in no time.

The Motion Pro Spark Plug Gap Tool includes 0.5 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.7 mm, 0.8 mm, 0.9 and 1.0 mm gap gauges

One final tool you should check out when working on your ignition system is the Ignition System Tester. This simple tool plugs into the spark plug cap and grounds to the chassis and will quickly show you whether your system is producing a strong spark or not. The spark gap is adjustable from 0-10mm, the larger the gap is that your system can jump will show the strength of your ignition. This is a super handy tool for trouble shooting, and can easily and quickly help you verify whether your system has a strong spark ignition or not.

Motion Pro also has several timing tools for setting ignitions and doing cam timing as well. You can see all of these items and more at:



Check out our complete line of Ignition Tools:



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