Tech Tip: Maintaining Your Motorcycles Steering Stem

Have you ever noticed that there was a problem with your motorcycle’s steering, maybe your steering got a little notchy or tight so you just spray some lubricant in the head set hoping that it won’t be some radically involved, time consuming project? Deep down you know that you are just preventing the inevitable. You have just thrown a Band-Aid on the underlying problem.  You dread the day that you have to replace your headset/steering stem bearings because of the time, energy and mental bandwidth it will take to complete the task!  NEVER FEAR … Motion Pro has got you covered.  We have a wide variety of tools and tips that will help you with this task, so don’t dread the day … you can bust it out in no time!



Steering Head Bearing Race Driver Part No. 08-0550

Once the races have been removed you are ready to put the fresh set in. I know some of you guys missed the hammer in the removal stage, so here is your chance to swing that thing. Press in the races by hand to get them set and lined up, place the correct size fitment for the MP Race Driver with handle attached. Get your trusty hammer and hit the handle in the center for an even placement of the race, once the race is property seated you are done!





American V-Twin Steering Race Tool Part No. 08-0633

Okay, American V-Twin peeps … it’s your turn and it’s easy!  The beauty is that there is no need to remove half of the parts that you were worried about hitting with a hammer before! The reason you don’t have to worry is that race puller and installer are a two-in-one. The puller is the same as the 08-0545 and is used in the same fashion, but to install the races. The American V-Twin is a little different than using the 08-0550. Instead you remove the puller portion from the puller rod and put the bearing cup attachment on the assembly. Then put the race on the bearing cup, slide the rod through the neck of the frame and place the puller cup, washer, and nut on and tighten till it is firmly in place. BANG! Removing and installing races made easy … completed in half the time and half the cuss words.




Steering Stem Bearing Tool for HD Part No. 08-0558

One would think that now that the races have been replaced on your American V-Twin its time for the worst part, the replacement of the steering stem bearings. Not any more, this tool makes it easy and painless! To start take wire cutters and cut off the cage holding the roller pins in. Take the roller pins and cage off there backing. After this, place the protector cup on top of the steering stem to protect the threads from getting damaged. Place the bearing puller tube over it and tighten the set screws evenly under the top lip of the bearing backing. The only thing left to do is use a 15/16” wrench to tighten the bolt atop the bearing puller tube and in a few rotations it will pop off. Once completed, you can begin the installation of the steering stem bearing. Loosen up the set screws and place the adapter in between them and tighten the set screws back up with the adapter in place. Place the bearing on the steering stem, then the Steering Stem Bearing tube over it. Use a mallet to drive the bearing to the bottom of the stem until it is fully seated to the triple clamp. Shazam! Stand back and marvel at how easy it was to replace the stem bearings on your Harley.






Steering Stem Bearing Tool 08-0544

To most this product would seem redundant in reference to the 08-0558, but it is in a realm of its own with how many different applications this tool can be used! It is used exactly like the 08-0558, but the puller tube is larger, also the set screw housing is threaded on. The installation is the same, but instead of only having the one size diameter hole for the steering stem like the HD model, you can remove the set screw housing and place any size driver for a variety of different diameter steering stems! This versatile tool is a must for the person with toys for every occasion.




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