Tech Tip: Wheel Accessories and Service Tools

Motion Pro has a ton of tools and accessories to make working on the wheels of your bike simple and easy.

The Motion Pro Bead Pro combination bead breaker and tire lever set takes the stress out of changing just about any motorcycle tire. The Bead Pro lever set consists of two forged 7075 aluminum levers. One end of each lever features a bead breaker tip that work together to easily break the bead on just about any tire, even stubborn tubeless tires. The other side of each lever has a perfectly contoured tire spoon to take tires off and put them back on again.  Weighing in a just 9 ounces per set and short enough to fit in you pack, the Bead Pro lever set is perfect for dual sport, trail, track side, or shop use.

BeadPro™ Tire Bead Breaker (Part No. 08-0536) and Lever Tool will break the bead on the most stubborn tires with ease

While you have that dirt bike wheel apart, get yourself a set of our patented LiteLoc rim locks, the first significant advance in rim lock technology in many years. LiteLoc rim locks are molded from an advanced nylon composite, weighing almost half as much as a standard aluminum rim lock while gripping the tire more securely and protecting the inner tube better. LiteLoc rim locks were tested under the harshest offroad conditions and in competition, and are superior in every way to normal rim locks. The reduced weight of the LiteLoc provides improved performance because a lighter wheel means better turning and acceleration characteristics, as well as less effect on the wheel balance for smoother running.

Armor Rim Strip tape is extremely durable and protect your tubes like no other rim strip, no shifting or movement once installed

Our Armor Rim Strip Tape is the perfect complement for the LiteLoc rim locks and are another Motion Pro innovation on an old standard product that people don’t think much about.  Old style rubber rim strips wear out quickly, deteriorate inside the wheel, stick to tubes, and all sorts of other unhappy stuff, but there aren’t many alternatives other than duct tape, which is even worse. Motion Pro Armor Rim Strip Tape is made from an advanced plastic composite that is puncture and abrasion resistant and provides low friction against the inner tube.  Armor Rim Strip tape is durable, it will not deteriorate inside your wheel, and its low friction properties will keep the tube from sticking, allowing it to perform better with increased resistance to heat and abrasion failures.  The self-adhesive backing makes it easy to install and holds it in place in the wheel during use and during tire changes.

Our new Bead Buddy® II is an improved version of the original and innovative Bead Buddy® tool that we first released many years ago.  The Bead Buddy® II is made from durable 6061 aluminum and features smooth curves for better function and even easier tire changes, and a cool new look too!  Like its predecessor, the Bead Buddy® II keeps the bead of the tire in the drop center of the rim and greatly reduces the effort required to change tires by hand.

The Bead Buddy® II is like having a 3rd hand, it's perfect for your shop, track or even light and compact enough for any adventure

The redesigned Valve Core Remover now features a knurled surface and is more compact

Checking spokes should be a part of any wheel maintenance on spoked wheels, and our new Ergo spoke wrenches are the tool that you need to get this job done quickly and easily. Ergo spoke wrenches have a smooth contoured shape that is comfortable in the hand and easy to use. One end of the Ergo wrench features an open design wrench for quick spoke checks and adjustments while the other end features a ¾ closed end wrench for higher torque and a more secure hold on the spoke nipple. Both ends are angled for easy access no matter what the spoke pattern is.  Ergo spoke wrenches are available in 5, 6, 6.3, 6.5, 6.8, 7.0 mm sizes or as a complete six-piece set.

Motion Pro also offers a full line of high-quality steel wheel weights that are available in silver, black or nickel plate (for chrome wheels).  Motion Pro steel wheel weight have a strong self-adhesive backing and are available in either a 90 ouce box containing 360 7 gram (1/4 oz) segments or in an 18 ounce box with 72 7 gram (1/4 oz) segments.

The rest of the Motion Pro wheel and tire product line is extensive, with tire irons, tire gauges, rim protectors, and more. 




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