T6 Combo Lever Set, 32mm, 10/12mm, 22/27mm Adapter

  • 2 tire spoon set with versatile adapter insert
  • Both levers have perfectly contoured tire lever on one end
  • One lever has unique combination stepped 12/10 mm box end wrench on other end for rim lock nuts
  • Unique no-pinch tip on one lever helps protect inner tube during tire installation
  • Second wrench has hex box wrench for 32 mm axle nuts on other end
  • Made from lightweight forged 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Hard anodized finish
  • Wenches are under 10 inches in length and weigh only 3.5 oz.
  • 32 mm hex for axle nuts is rated for a maximum torque of 90 lb/ft
  • 10/12 mm hex is rated for a maximum torque of 50 lb/ft
  • Unique patented adapter allows use on 27 mm and 22 mm axle nuts
  • Adapter is made from CNC machined aluminum for precise fit and function
  • Adapter weighs only 1 oz.

Part No. 08-0589


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