2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The Motion Pro Gift Guide is an easy way to find your moto-head the prefect gift. On a budget? No problem, our segmented categories make it easy for you to find Motion Pro products at any budget. We even have Stocking Stuffer's that are non-application specific so you're not stuck on what to buy. We provide our favorites for each price category below.


Stocking Stuffers

For quick and easy suggestions see our low-priced Motion Pro stocking stuffers. Our quality 24 oz. Motion Pro Water Bottle is a great gift for any motorcyclist who loves to cross-train with a mountain bike or road bike. Motion Pro staff who frequently do lunch rides highly recommend this purchase. Need some coverage from the winter elements?

For more tool specific options be sure to check out the under valued and affordable Motion Pro Combo Y-Drive wrench. This compact combo wrench offers (3) metric size sockets and (3) metric allen socket heads all tied into one tool. The versatility of this tool will not be overlooked and is a easy choice at only $14.39. View more in our stocking stuffers guide here:


Under $25

For under $25 you can find multiple tools and gear to get equipped. We recommend the MP oval t-shirt, an affordable and easy pick for any motorcyclist or Motion Pro supporter. Promote your inner-mechanic with this classic garage style t-shirt. Available in common sizes small–XX-Large, and available in a women's style V-neck in small–X-large. See our apparel section here.


Under $50

We have a toolbox full of great gifts for under $50. Every motorcyclists will appreciate a well thought gift and more importantly a gift they can universally use. Our staff pick for gifts less than $50 comes at no surprise, the Pro Funnel from Motion Pro is widely used and most popular. This handy shop or trackside gift will provide a streamlined process to changing your motorcycles fluids. Easily dispense precise amounts of fluid by using the Pro Funnel integrated shutoff valve, when done this all-purpose funnel can be stored anywhere with the integration of a rear facing magnet. We guarantee your motorcycle enthusiast will have a grin on their face. The options are vast and the prices are right, search more here.


Under $75

For under $75 we transition into our Motion Pro specialty tools. When out on your motorcycle adventure, expect the unexpected. The need for a handy compact tool is inevitable. The Motion Pro staff all agrees our most popular and long lasting trail tool is the Metric MP Tool. Designed for on-trail repairs or adjustments the compact trail tool has a multitude of tool features for a majority of the small fasteners on your motorcycle.  The MP metric tool includes a convenient carrying case for easy portability and storage. This is a must-have item for any rider going the distance on their motorcycle and can be a lifeline if you happen to be stuck on the side of the pavement or trial.


Under $100

A quality precision instrument intended to not break the bank. Tire pressure accuracy is an important element to your motorcycles handling characteristics when riding multiple types of terrain. More importantly, knowing what tire pressure you're running provides ease of mind while out on your adventure. Keep cool when equipped with the Motion Pro Professional Digital Tire Gauge 0-60psi. Quality components and an easy-to-read backlit display provide quick and accurate tire pressure feedback every use. All professional riders and weekend warriors will find this gauge pays for itself time and time again, pick one up for your gear-head today! We guarantee this gift will not go unnoticed. 

For home garages and service centers we offer a variety of innovative tools for just about every motorcycle maintenance task. Our staff pick for under $75 is our widely popular PBR Chain Tool.  Most motorcyclists using a chain drive will appreciate the versatility of this tool. Designed to perform chain maintenance tasks quickly and easily, the PBR Chain tool is multi-functional allowing users to press, break, or rivet 50 series roller chains. See more information on the PBR chain tool here or watch our latest video for a quick overview.



$100 or more

For the serious motorcycle enthusiasts, riding is only part of the fun. Frequent motorcycle maintenance and garage time can be just as therapeutic and provides rewarding results to all enthusiasts. Specialty tools can save valuable wrenching time, frustration and money; this is where Motion Pro can help. We realize mundane tasks can be difficult or overlooked without access to the right tools for the job. For the $100 and more gift category, Motion Pro's specailty tools become more focused and unique to individual maintenance tasks. This staff pick category was rather difficult to narrow down, when the dust settled everyone agreed our Deluxe Bearing Suspension Kit provides the best bang for your buck. This tool provides a solution for common suspension bearing service without the use or need of an expensive shop press. The Deluxe Bearing Suspension Tool allows you to maintenance/replace your suspension bearings and bushings from just about anywhere while only requiring the basic tools from a portable toolbox. Find out more here and quickly see why this handy tool is our staff pick. 


Happy Holidays from the Motion Pro staff!



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